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Anthony Ilacqua

Contact information:

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Anthony Ilacqua is a former Virginia State Trooper, who served with the department for 8 years.  During his time with the department, he worked the Richmond and Henrico areas.  While working with the State Police, he was a Field-Training Officer and was also a member of the Tactical Field Force Crowd Control Team.  He worked in various capacities from plain clothed to uniformed, working drug interdiction, and was also tasked with combating illegal cigarette trafficking.  He routinely conducted surveillance operations related to cigarette trafficking cases.  Additionally, he was assigned to the motorcades, route planning operations, exterior security, and interior security during visits from various United States Presidents, as well as other dignitaries


Before and after his time with the Virginia Sate Police he worked in the physical security field.  He worked to design and install physical security systems ranging from card access control, CCTV, and Perimeter fence detection.


Licensed to work throughout Virginia and available for OCONUS Assignments



Height- 5'8

Weight- 170 lbs.

Current State Licenses:

Virginia DCJS  PPS Armed – 99310035

Virginia concealed carry permit


Virginia State Police Training Academy

First Aid/CPR/AED Adult, Baby & Child- AMR 

Driver Training and Vehicle Operations- LEO 

Reid Interview & Interrogation 

Reid Interview & Interrogation Advanced Course 

Various other Law Enforcement training and certifications 


Additional Training:

Surveillance Detection Course- IPM Consulting 

Defensive Travel Awareness Course- IPM Consulting


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