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Cedric Tortevoix

Cedric Tortevoix is a security specialist with considerable experience gained through working in many different roles of the security industry and learned with different training courses and on the ground with his experience. 

He is an autodidact with an in depth knowledge of, and proven track record with numerous of great client’s feedback in all aspects of risk assessment and threat avoidance, surveillance and counter surveillance, close protection, travel security, management, ... He has excellent leadership skills, with the ability to assess situations and solve problems in testing environments, and keeping up to date international risks and threats when requested.

He has gained a vast amount of experience from working within the security industry since 1996. He has lead teams providing Close Protection/security consultant/Travel security for foreign CEO’s visiting Europe, Morocco and Sub Saharan countries, High Net Worth clients (HNWC), Middle-Eastern dignitaries & protection of children, he has been head of security for a dignitary of Middle-East during 3 years. He has worked extensively in Europe, USA, Brazil Morocco and West Africa for clients under low, medium and high threat. 

He is train in close protection (UK and French governments approved trainings), management of the security (French government certificate), crisis management (French government certificate), CPR, first aid and he is also close protection trainer in Morocco and also trainer in conflict management and terrorism prevention.

Countries of operations: France, Morocco, Switzerland, African French speaking countries


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