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Cody Black

Cody Black is a licensed personal protective officer and EMT-B. With over 3 years experience as an EMT-B he is very comfortable in high stress situations. After 2 years in the field it was time for him to go after the next goal and took classes for AEMT and loved every minute of it. He has several years of equestrian experience mainly in a working ranch setting. With over a year working at a refinery and having to be very meticulous about keeping records in order, paying attention to details comes easy to him. Computer skills are one thing that Cody excels in, the ability to create power points for advances as well presenting to large groups of people comes second nature to him.


Licensed to work throughout Texas and available for OCONUS Assignments



Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Amarillo College

Emergency Medical Technician Advanced, Amarillo College



Height- 6'2"

Weight- 200 lbs.

Current Licenses:

U.S. Passport (Active)
Texas Non Commissioned Security Officer (Unarmed, Level 2) 00466663
Texas Commissioned Officer (Armed, Level 3) 00466663
Texas Personal Protection Officer (Armed,Level 4) 00466663
Endorsements: shotgun, OC, baton, handcuffs



Protective Detail Specialist Course: Select-International

NREMT EMT- Basic E3227619

Texas Dept of State Health Services EMT-B 747012

Advanced EMT (in progress)

Additional Training

Level 2/3/4 Course (baton, OC, handcuffs, defensive tactics), National Protective Services Institute

Contact information:

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