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Michael Shelton

Michael T. Shelton  entered the US Army in July of 1971 as an infantry/paratrooper with the 82d Airborne Division. During his tours of service he served as communications , NBC, Crypto, and and other additional MOS duties.

Upon leaving the military in 1980, he graduated from Fayetteville Technical Community College, with honors to obtain AAs degrees in Banking & Finance and in Insurance services. He also holds a private pilot license (SEL) and various certificates in community services and personal development skills, including behavior modification training and  conflict management .

Mr. Shelton is a lifetime member of the DAV and 82D Division Association.

Mr. Shelton provides services as an independent in the security industry. He is the owner of THIS Protection.Com which provides equipment and services to members of the industry and the general public. He is also the owner of THIS Company Travel & Cruises which provides high end travel services to clientele.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 250 lbs.

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