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Samuel Ingram III

Contact information:


Summary:  Samuel is a young consummate professional with a diverse amount of experience, licensure, and certifications. Being a serial entrepreneur with several years’ experience in several industries. He chose to focus and cultivate a career in the Private Security Industry. He is certified in Executive Protection, Protective Details, and Dignitary Protection. He is a highly motivated individual with strong goals aligned ahead of him.

Stats:  28 yrs young • 5'11 • 285lbs • Non-Nicotine • Football build

Skills:  Firearm Proficiency, Use of Force and DeEscalation Training, Fluent in Use of Spoken and Written English

Qualifications & Core Competencies:
•8+ years of experience in security industry with including but not limited to a combination of entertainment, nightlife, clergy/faith based organizations, personal protection.
• Well versed in executive protection concepts, protective intelligence, and have ability to travel domestically (CONUS) and internationally (OCONUS)
• Alumni of National Recognized EP school Select-International
• Alumni of National Recognized and Accredited EP school Independent Security Advisors Dignitary Protection Studies Program
• Recently graduated Police Academy & certified as Texas Peace Officer
• Possess strong written and verbal communication skills, collaborative abilities, and attention to detail.
• Working knowledge of physical security systems to include, but limited to intrusion detection systems, CCTV, and other security related software/hardware.
•Self-motivated, able to work without direct supervision, and understand security concepts.
• Valid Driver’s license & U.S. Tourist Passport
• Ability to effectively manage stress and engage in continuous learning.
• Recent Active Shooter, TCCC:AC, CPR/AED Training
•Demonstrated ability to work independently as a part of the corporate security team.

•Workplace violence: Employee/Client Termination
•Retail Theft Suppression
•Natural Disaster Security (i.e. Hurricane Harvey)
•Surveillance & Investigations
• Sales & Contract Procurement
•Threat Assessment
•Advance & Site Survey
•Crisis Management
• Security Consulting & Advisement
• Executive Protection/Close Protection
•Felony Warrant Apprehension
• Bail Enforcement
•Life Insurance Sales
•Business Development
•Clergy Armor Bearing
•High Risk Tactical Operations
•High Risk Automotive Repossession
•Bank Runs and Armed Escorts
•Special Response Team
•Event/Crowd Security & Management
•Hostile Urban Environment Security (H.U.E.) •Nightlife Establishments

•U.S. Passport (Active/Valid)
•Texas Department of Public Safety - Level II (Non-Commissioned)
•Texas Department of Public Safety - Level III (Commissioned Officer)
•Texas Department of Public Safety - Level IV (Personal Protection Officer)
•Texas Department Of Public Safety - Private Investigator (PI)
•Texas License To Carry (LTC) reciprocity with 36 states

•Protective Detail Specialist (PDS)
•Personal Protection Officer (PPO)
•Texas Commissioned Officer (TCO)
•Select-International - Protective Detail Specialist (PDS) #PDS17B008
•Texas Commission Of Law Enforcement (TCOLE )
•Basic Peace Officer Certification (BPOC)
•DHS Human Trafficking Awareness For FEMA Employees: Emergency Management Institute IS-01150
•DHS Critical Infrastructure Security: Theft & Diversion  
•Tactical Combat Casualty Care For All Combatants (TCCC:AC)
•Independent Security Advisors (Dignitary Protection Specialist)(DPS) 2018


District Of Columbia CCW
Virginia CCW,DCJS, PPS, PI(Pending)

•National Associations Of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
•International Protection Hub (Global Security Directory)

Education & Training:
•Fisk University - Political Science 2008-2009
•Triton College - Criminal Justice 2009-2010
•B.P. Worldwide/Tactical Training Center - Personal Protection Officer 2011
•Tom Johnson Institute - Personal Protection Officer 2016
•Select-International - Protective Detail Specialist 2017
•University of Houston-Downtown Criminal Justice Training Center (Police Academy)

Samuel would make a great asset to any team, detail, organization looking to pull from experiences such as for mentioned. He takes his reputation and name very serious and goes above and beyond the call of duty ensure that anything he is associated with is done to the best of his ability and meets the intention put forth.


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