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Arto Vehkomaki

Arto Vehkomaki is a true security professional. He enjoys working with versatile security assignments and is used to work in challenging situations which has gave him a reputation to be a trusted and reliable partner. Despite being a real security professional, Arto is also able to smile, use his advanced interpersonal skills and has a unique talent to make the client feel comfortable and safe even at the most harsh conditions.
Arto has an experience working in events, night clubs & bars, cruise ships, wilderness, close protection and guard duties. He also has a long service management and leading consultant background with problem solving, risk assessments, business analysis and standard operating procedures. All assignments Arto will handle with great professionalism, discreet and trust and with him, you will always get a little more!
Licensed to work throughout UK and Finland and is available for international assignments


Valid Security Licenses:
GBR - SIA - Level 3 - Close Protection Operative
FIN - Security Officer
FIN - Guard
FIN - Safety Device Installer
FIN - Basics of Physical Use of Force
FIN - OC Spray
FIN - Telescopic Baton


Specialist Qualification for Security Officer
Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration
Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology
Further Qualification in Hiking and Nature Guide Services


Security Related Training and Skills:
SIA - Level 3 - Close Protection Operative - European Security Academy
Close Protection - Modules 1, 2 - Total Sec Oy
Protective / Evasive Driving - Vehicle Dynamics Institute
Compulsory Military Service - Finnish Defence Forces
Certified Survival Instructor for Arctic and Boreal Environments - Survival Guild Finland
First Aid: FPOS, TECC, Emergency / EA1 / EA2 (Red Cross), Disaster and Wilderness First Aid Training Courses
SIA - Weapons Blue Card - Glock 17, Heckler & Koch MP5, AK - 47 Kalašnikov, Colt M4 Carbine
Hand-to-Hand Combat: Scandinavian Defendo, MMA

Contact Information:


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