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Carlton Smith

Carlton Smith has been in the security industry for nearly a decade.  He began his security career in the commercial security field.  After a twenty-year military career and being Honorably Discharged,  Mr. Smith retired as a Non-commissioned officer and a combat veteran from the United States Army Transportation Corps in 2011. In 2012, Mr. Smith transitioned into the law enforcement protective services field. 


During his career with the Metropolitan Police Department he has been assigned to various sections to include,  Field Training Officer  ( FTO ), Mountain Bicycle trained officer, Crisis Intervention Officer  (CIO), Crime Scene Technician trained officer,  and to the Special Liaison Unit.  Mr. Smith holds memberships into the American Society for Industrial Security,  and the International Foundation for Protection Officers. 


Licensed to work throughout Virginia and available for OCONUS Assignments



Height- 6'3"

Weight- 178 lbs.


Completing AAS, Central Texas College

Current State Licenses:

Valid current US passport
Concealed Carry Permit Utah-C2637795
Concealed Carry Permit Virginia-CL14007421-00
Concealed Carry Permit for the District of Columbia ( Washington, DC)
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (PPS)-99231833
Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) Issued ( Expires 2024)
TSA Pre-Check Issued (Expires 2024)
Global Entry Approved Credentials ( DHS)
CLEAR Approved


Contact information:


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