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Charles "Chuck" Simpson

Contact information:

Currently the Owner/CEO of Protect Consultant Inc., in Goodlettsville, TN.  I was born and raised, in Johnson City, TN. I graduated from Science Hill High School June 1979, where I then joined the U.S. Army.

 I have been very fortunate to have had the distinction of serving my country with some of the most elite military units to ever exist. This experience has literally made me who I am today and has had an immeasurable impact of every facet of my personal and professional life. I spent over 20 years in the US Army with my career in 82nd Airborne, as a Infantryman, Long Range Surveillance Detachment 101st Airborne, and Special Operations. The last 11 years in Army Special Forces. I retired as a Master Sergeant, in July 1999.

I served successfully as the Senior Non Commissioned Officer for a Special Forces “A” team for total of 12 years, both in 7th Special Force Group and 3rd Special Forces Group.  Duties included traveling to foreign countries and providing training, equipment, and advisory services to both U.S. and host nation governments.  I have advised and trained with the United States Border Patrol, Department of State, Drug Enforcement Administration, foreign ministries, and U.S. Embassy country teams. I have also, completed 10 years of successful leadership experience in a variety of management and supervisory positions in the Executive Protection Field. I have also, advised and trained, Protection Details and HRT teams, to multi-foreign countries.

Once retiring from military service, I went to work as a Private Investigator for Advantage Surveillance Inc, conducting Insurance Fraud Investigations, where I worked for 2 years, the first year, receiving the Investigator of the year award. To continue with my Executive Protection Career, I then went on to work as an Area Security Manager, with Defense Systems Colombia and Defense Systems Ecuador, providing contract work for BP Oil. My job was to escort VIP’s to and from the Oil Rigs Platforms in the South America jungles. Sense Feb 2002 I worked as an Independent Contractor, for a Government Agency. I am currently working as an Independent Contractor for three companies, Global Guardian, as the VP of International Operations, Executive Security International (ESI), as a Protective Operations, Tactical Skills and Tactical Weapons Marksmanship Instructor, and also with Cubic/NEK as a ASOT/ASO Level II Instructor/Mentor.

I have diverse and practical experience in international affairs with a focus on Central and South America. My experience includes planning, task organization, and coordinating foreign training events. I’ve been an advisor to high level U.S., foreign government and non government organizations. I have advised and trained with the United States Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement Administration, foreign ministries and the U.S. Embassy country teams. I’ve taught Special Operations classes, in Tactical Weapons Skills, Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Sniper/Counter Sniper Operations, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance, Elicitation/Counter Elicitation, Interviewing Techniques, and ASO Operations.

I’ve continued to develop professionally, graduating with honors and becoming  a certified instructor in many Executive Protection and Military Skills, including the Department of State (DOS), Protective Operations, Motorcade Operations, Firearms, and Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM). I am a Certified Armed Guard Instructor and State Certified Handgun Instructor, for the state of Tennessee.  I am also a graduate of multiple, Driving, Combative, Self-Defense, and Tactical Shooting Courses. 

I am a results oriented individual who enjoys a variety of tasks, has a strong work ethic, and excellent organizational and communication skills.  I am persuasive without being over bearing, and can deal with a wide range of personalities, cultures, and situations. I have a working knowledge of the Spanish language, and am in good physical condition.

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