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Jonas Roel

Contact information:

Email : jonas.roel@outlook,com

Jonas Roel is an exemplary professional, combining expertise in executive protection, protective details, residential security, martial arts, and firearms. With a comprehensive skill set, specialized training, and unwavering dedication, Jonas Roel delivers outstanding security services. His meticulous attention to detail, proficiency in multiple languages, and comprehensive understanding of security and financial intelligence analysis make him a formidable force in safeguarding high-profile individuals and assets. Clients can trust in Jonas Roel to provide the highest level of protection and peace of mind, making him an invaluable asset in any security-conscious environment. Jonas is bilingual being both fluent in English and Spanish.

Licensed to work throughout Florida.



Height – 5'10

Weight – 180 lbs.



Bachelor of Science in Management, University of Phoenix


Current Licenses:

Florida D Security License – D3314193

Florida State-wide Firearms License – G3303382



Protective Detail Specialist – Select-International

Residential Security Operations - Select International

Bodyguarding/Close or Executive Protection - John X. Marchand

Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response - IS-200.c FEMA

Active Shooter - IS-907 FEMA

Additional Training:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Financial Intelligence Analyst

Excel Data Analytics in AML Financial Intelligence Analysis 

Money Laundering and AML Compliance

Certified Data Scientist and Certified Data Analyst

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