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Dave Charles
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Contact information:

Dave Charles is a Military Veteran, honorably discharged from the US Air Force and US Army. Dave’s Protection Experience started in the US Air Force and he continued serving as a member of the 82 Airborne Division, Pathfinder team.  Dave has High Threat Security Contracting experience in Afghanistan and Iraq Protecting US and Foreign Dignitaries. Dave continues serving in Private Security Domestically deploying in response to several emergencies and disaster locations from Puerto Rico, Florida and Louisiana and Texas among others.


Dave’s area of expertise includes Executive/Dignitary Protection, High Threat Protection, Training, Advance Work, Security Driving and Threat Assessments. Additional experience includes Covert Protection, Surveillance and Surveillance Detection. Dave founded Hard Point Training, specializing in Firearms training for Concealed Carry, and the Florida Armed Security Officer qualification course.


Licensed to work in Florida and Georgia and available for OCONUS assignments.



Height- 5’6

Weight- 140lbs.

Current Licenses:

Florida Security Officer License- D1327797

Florida Private Investigator Intern License- CC1700029

Florida State-Wide Firearms License- G1400001

Florida Security Agency Manager License- MB1300249

Florida Firearm Instructor License- K1800029

Florida Security Officer Instructor License- DI1900217

Georgia Armed Security/Concealed License

Active US Passport


Law Enforcement Instructor for Pistol & Shotgun, National Rifle Association- #144669874

NRA Concealed Carry Instructor, National Rifle Association

O.C. Instructor, Safariland

UTM Instructor, 

Additional Training:

WPPS High Threat Protection Course- Triple Canopy

WPS High Threat Protection Course-

Primary Leadership Development Course- US Army

Airborne School- US Army

Pathfinder School- US Army


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