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Doug "Raven" Hicks

Contact information:

Mr. Hicks has over 25 years of experience in the Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security Industry. He has worked with State and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies in providing Close Protection to Government Officials and Public Figures.

He has advanced medical training with an Associates Degree in Nursing and teaches Performance and Advanced Driving Programs.

He is highly trained in the empty hand skills needed to protect his clients and has advanced weapons training for high threat situations. Mr. Hicks has studied and taught empty hand and non-ballistic weapons programs for over 20 years. He has state certifications and licenses to teach Security and Law Enforcement Personnel.

Mr. Hicks is highly professional, has excellent communications skills and enjoys problem solving under adverse and stressful situations. He has worked in many areas within the Security Industry including managing Corporate and Government contracts.

He is available to work on short notice and enjoys new challenges and experiences.

Protection Detail Specialist- Select International
Executive Protection Program- Kobetz and Associates / EPI
Risk Management- Emergency Management Institute
Surveillance Detection / Awareness- Emergency Management Institute
Incident Command 100, 200, 700- Emergency Management Institute
Active Shooter Response- Emergency Management Institute
Emergency Vehicle Operations- Ontario Police College
Advanced Driving-  Metro Toronto Police
Associates Degree, Nursing Mount Royal University
CPR, First Aid, AED Zee Medical
Conflict Management- Metro Toronto Police
Crisis Resolution- Metro Toronto Police
Tactical Communications- The Police Charter
Intelligence Managers Seminar- Palmer Enterprises
Professional Lecturer/ Instructor- NM Law Enforcement Academy
Licensed Security Officer Trainer- NMRLD Registration # IN 0025
Licensed Security Officer NMRLD Level 2 intermediate armed

Police Studies- Ontario Police College
Defensive Tactics Instructor- Ontario Police College
Firearms Range Officer- Ontario Police College
Master Chemical Munitions Instructor- MACE Security International
Aerosol Weapons Instructor- Def Tec Corporation


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