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Eric Parker

Contact information:

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08/31/2021-Eric Parker being interviewed about the pulling out of Afghanistan. Click Picture to watch video.

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Eric Parker is a Special Operations Combat Veteran who served Honorably in the US Army for six years including a tour in Mogadishu, Somalia. Eric has almost 30 years in the Industry comprised of Military time, Private Security Companies domestically, High Threat Security Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan (Blackwater) and his time in Federal Service with the Diplomatic Security Service as a Subject Matter Expert on Security and Protection as an FS-3 (GS-13 Equivalent) in the tribal region of Pakistan and Southern Iraq.


Eric’s areas of expertise are Executive/Dignitary Protection, High Threat Protection, Threat Assessments, Advance Work, Consulting, and Training. Eric is also the Author and Lead Instructor for Select-International’s Protective Detail Specialist Course, Advanced Protective Operations Course, and Surveillance Detection Course. 


Eric assisted in developing the first ever Low-Profile Protection Teams in Iraq for the State Department and subsequently took over a second Low-Profile Team as the Team Leader. In addition, Eric was also assigned as a Team Leader for the Ambassador’s Protective Detail for Ambassador’s Ryan Crocker and Christopher Hill; as well as planned & executed the first ever red-zone movement for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Licensed to work throughout Florida and available for OCONUS Assignments



Height- 5'10"

Weight- 185 lbs.


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Florida Metropolitan University

Current Licenses:

Florida Private Investigator License- C1300445

Florida State-Wide Firearms License- G1500346

Active US Passport


Protective Detail Specialist- Select-International (Author)

Certified Protection Officer- International Foundation for Protection Officers

Certified Protection Officer Instructor- International Foundation for Protection Officers

Certified Identity Theft Investigator- Association of Certified Identity Theft Investigators

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist- Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board


Additional Training:

Advanced Protective Operations Course- Select-International (Author)

Surveillance Detection Course- Select-International (Author)

Security Protective Specialist Course- US Diplomatic Security Training Center

High Threat Protection Course- US Diplomatic Security Service Training Center

High Threat Tactical Medicine Course- US Diplomatic Security Service Training Center

Unimproved/Off Road Driving Course- BSR

Anti-Terrorism/Security Driving Course- BSR

S.E.R.E.- Tate, Inc.

Live Tissue Trauma Lab- John Hopkins University

WPPS/1 High Threat Protection Operations Course- Blackwater Training Center

WPPS/2 High Threat Protection Requal Course- Blackwater Training Center

Bomb Counter-Measures for Security Professionals- S2 Institute

Chem-Bio Terrorism for Security Professionals- S2 Institute

Hazardous Response to Terrorism- FEMA

Defensive Edged Weapons- S2 Institute

Anti-Terrorism Officer Course- S2 Institute

Assessing Terrorism Related Risks- S2 Institute

160th Basic Mission Qualification Course (Green Platoon)- US Army

Primary Leadership Development Course- US Army

Combat Lifesaver's Course- US Army

Air Assault School- US Army


05/10/2022-Article on Eric Parker in which Mr. Parker subdued an unruly passenger on a flight from Dallas to Tampa. Click Picture to read in full.

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07/11/2022-Eric Parker interviewed by The Asahi Shimbun (Japanese daily Broadcast) on the assassination of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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