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Frank Aviles

Contact information:

Frankie Aviles, P.P.S.

Background :
Fire Department of New York: E.M.S. Operations (F.D.O.C.), Emergency Medical Haz-Tac Technician, 911 Dispatcher, City-Wide Resource Coordinator (R.C.C.). Now Retired after 30th years of City service to New York.
Health and Human Services (H.H.S.) National Disaster Medical System (N.D.M.S.) Response Division and Operational Branch (O.E.M.), DMAT NY2 JPATS. Intermittent Staff Member of the FEMA National Response Coordination Center (N.R.C.C. E.O.C.).
Specialties: Independent Consulting Contractor Executive Protective Specialist, Security and Investigations and Freelance Communications and Physical Security Specialist . An Emergency Manager Project 1 Graduated (E.M.1) and HSEEP certify. I bring my Street Knowledge and Experience to helping people at their worst moments but on a larger scale if needed Worldwide.


 Height- 5'11"
 Weight- 288 lbs.

State Licensing:
N.Y.S. Drivers License
Executive Protection Institute (E.P.I.): Graduate Class 80
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice (VA DCJS) 032E Registered Personal Protection Specialist.
N.Y.S.  Emergency Medical Haz-Tac Technician
F.C.C. Ham Radio License
N.Y. & N.J. State Guard Cards: 8 Hour/ 16 Hour Security Guard Training Certificates
Completed online training and courses for NIMS, ICS, ERP, NDMS Core Training.





Professional Associations:
Nine Lives Association
National Association of Emergency Managers
International Association of Emergency Managers
ASIS International, Advancing Security Worldwide National
National Rifle Association
National Association of Emergency Medical Technician  
A.P.C.O. International Public Safety Communicator
F.O.I. Fraternal Order of Investigators, Man-at-Arms

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