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Harry Blazer

It is rare that a former CEO of a public company specializing in food retailing would also be interested in the world of security and in particular in providing advice and protection for executives, their businesses and families. But that is in fact the case. Harry is interested in developing a proprietary relationship with families of high integrity to help develop and execute strategies and tactics for the protection of their assets and promotion of their health and well- being.

Harry Blazer was the Founder, CEO and Chairman of one of the most respected retail food companies in North America, which was sold to Whole Foods in 2001 as the foundation for their expansion in the Southeast. Harry then went on to consult with some of the most prominent food retailers in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. Prior to that, he was the General Manager of his brother’s food store, which continues today as one of the most successful in the country. His involvement in the food industry was preceded by a successful career as a musician, performing with many internationally famous popular and jazz performers.

For over 20 years, In his capacity as first GM of his brother’s business and then CEO and Chairman of his own, Harry was responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of all security protocols, infrastructure and personnel. Harry has personally participated in hundreds of arrests and successful prosecutions and was responsible for writing reports, retaining evidence, coordinating with prosecutors and in-house counsel to insure a successful result.

He was also responsible for the safety of millions of visitors each year and the protection of 10’s of millions of dollars of assets. Some of the unique aspects of these security operations were:

• all team members received extensive specialized training in weapons and tactics • use of special COM protocols and equipment
• design and construction of hardened infrastructure
• executive protection and security assessment of businesses and residences

• proprietary cash handling and transport protocols
• specially built vehicles
• extensive pre-employment screening to include background reviews, drug testing and pre-

employment polygraphs (later replaced, by legal mandate, with specialized psychological

• special training in interviewing, surveillance and detection for select group of store

• development and operation of a 24 hr. central monitoring station for 8 stores and

distribution and manufacturing facilities
• a bomb dog
• specialized surveillance equipment
• partnerships with local and federal law enforcement • class 3 dealer credentials

• Florida Class-C Security (C 3300204)

• Florida Class-D Security (D 3233021)

• Florida Class-G Security (G 3300120)

• Florida Class-K Security (K 3300054)
• Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License
• CCW Permits (or equivalent) for Montana, Ohio, Utah, Minnesota

• Graduate of NRA LE Instructor Development Course
• Graduate of the Protective Detail Specialist and Residential Security Operations Courses with

Eric Parker’s Select-International Training Institute.

• Will be applying for K license and C license

Harry has received extensive training in the civilian sector to include the following areas:

• Driving - defensive, evasive/anti-terrorist, racing
• Weapons - handgun, carbine, rifle, shotgun, select-fire firearms, knife, baton, taser • Unarmed fighting and restraining techniques
• Team Tactics
• Executive Protection, Surveillance and Property Assessment
• Advanced First Aid

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