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Igor Boyko

Contact information:

Mr. Boyko is a protection operations manager and personal protection specialist with a unique integration of experience, skills, and personal perspectives. Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and business from the National University, Kiev, Ukraine. He continued his studies there and earned a master’s degree in finance along with officer training at the military command and control tactical level. Supplementing his education here in the United States. His specialized skills enable him to function with excellence as a team manager, member, or instructor in areas such as protective intelligence, close protection and physical protection details, risk assessment, corporate security, technical surveillance counter measures, estate security, protective operations, security management, emergency planning, counter-surveillance and behavioral analysis, defensive tactics, protective medical training, security operations. His career experience in the Ukraine included: serving as an Officer in the Army of Ukraine, working for the Government Counterintelligence Agency, and employment in commercial industry. Coming to the United States in 2009, Mr. Boyko has an outstanding record of performance and integrity in licensed general security operations and personal protection details. He has worked numerous protective operations as well as managed operations for VIP's, HNW, celebrities, corporates, dignitaries.  Mr. Boyko is admired by Triumph team members and customers alike for his great enthusiasm for his family and for protecting people and their precious resources and reputation.

Height: 6.2
Weight: 220

Current State Licenses:
California Guard Card Licence  - G1755273
Proprietary Private Security Office License  - PSO12731
California Baton Permit - BAT1517995
California Exposed Firearm Permit - FQ338915
California Concealed Carry Weapons Permit - CW-3740
Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License - WX1550727
Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit - 8805108
Utah Concealed Firearm Permit - C2933025
Connecticut Permit Concealed Carry - 1090915
State of Maine Permit Concealed Handgun - 9908894
New Hampshire Pistol/Revolver License - 178204
Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit - N026140
Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®)
Active US Passport

Master Degree in Finance - National University of Taras Shevchenko, Kiev, Ukraine
Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business - National University of Taras Shevchenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Protective Detail Specialist(  PDS) -  Certificate by Select International
Executive Protection Training  - Certificate by J.A LaSorsa &Associates
Personal Protective Specialist (PPS) -  Certificate by Executive Protection Institute (EPI)
Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) -  Certificate by Robert L. Oatman & Associates
Defensive and Evasive Driving Training -  Certificate by J.A LaSorsa & Associates
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) NAEMT
Protective Medical Training -  Certificate by J.A LaSorsa & Associates
Defensive Tactics for Professionals (Krav Maga) - Certificate by Covered 6 Training Facility
Protective Intelligence & Threat Assessment - Certificate by Global Options & Solutions
CPR  & First Aid AED - Certificate by American Heart Association
Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) - Certificate by Bodyguard Training Academy International
Surveillance Training - Certificate by Covered 6 Training Facility
Bail Enforcement Training - Certificate by Covered 6 Training Facility
Anti Terrorism Officer Training (ATO) - Certificate by S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute

Certified Security Driver/Tier One- International Security Drivers Association

Protective Evasive Driving-Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Surveillance Detection Tactics & Techniques-Vehicle Dynamics Institute

Additional Training:  

Advanced Patrol and Officer Survival Certificate

Completed Training Certificate Tear Gas

Body Language Certificate

Tazer X26 Training and Certificate

Handcuffing Procedures Training and Certificate

Security Management Certificate

FEMA and DHS Certificates ( Active Shooter, Surveillance, Terrorism & WMD, Workplace Violence, Decision Making & Problem Solving, Leadership and Influence)


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