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Blaine Hamilton
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Blaine is considered to be a seasoned Security Professional with over a decade of experience in providing protective and consultation services for corporate, political, and high-profile individuals. Throughout his career, he has acquired a deep knowledge across multiple disciplines governing comprehensive risk management, assessment, and mitigation. Blaine furnishes an impressive background in customer relations, and is a graduate with honors from Executive Security International’s longest standing training program in the nation. He is a Top Driver graduate from Vehicle Dynamics Institute, an Instructor graduate from Israeli Tactical School, and a graduate from Bravo Research Group’s Executive Protection Specialist Academy. Blaine has been trained extensively in executive protection, PSD and counter-terrorism operations, SWAT team operations, corporate security management, pistol and rifle marksmanship, security driving, tactical combat casualty care, first-aid/AED, SERE tactics, and private investigations. In addition, Blaine stems from over two decades of practice in various forms of martial arts such as Muay Thai kickboxing, Western boxing, Taekwondo, Kyokushin Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. He is also proficient in verbal judo, hostile situation de-escalation, reading body language and behavioral cues, as well as non-violent intervention techniques. Blaine believe’s in remaining dedicated to consistent training in order to maintain operational and relevant.


Upon Blaine’s graduation from ESI, he became hired as an Executive Protection Specialist and Security Driver for a local Executive Protection company where he would continue to gain experience in providing close protection for a variety of clientele. Over the course of the next five years, he transcended to work for some of the top protection agencies in the world where he held many titles and positions ranging from but not limited to Executive Protection Team Lead, Advance Agent, Operations Coordinator, Emergency Preparedness Manager, and Covert Surveillance Agent. He has managed countless counter-terror operations at major sporting events within the Miami Hard Rock Stadium, served as Lead Executive Protection Agent for ongoing protection of prominent news authorities and journalists, oversaw disaster relief contracts in hurricane prone areas providing comprehensive armed security in volatile and unstable situations, and acted as supervisor for over fifty agents on multiple strikes.


Blaine is now a key member on the Board of Executive Protection Professionals, a certified NRA Instructor, and currently owns the company Armorium Consulting Group LLC which operates out of the State of Florida. ACG facilitates and assists with a plethora of operations for a multitude of local security companies, and serves as a local asset or client liaison for out of state security companies. Having a strong emphasis on representing himself and his client’s brand professionally and with the utmost integrity, Blaine is highly sought after for being a friendly communicator accompanied by a devoted commitment to excellence. He possesses a confident yet welcoming demeanor, and is often commended for his good-natured attitude and proficient management capabilities.




DOB- 10/26/1989

Height- 5’11

Weight- 195 lbs.


Current State Licenses:

Florida Class D Security License - D1734896

Florida Class G Statewide Firearm License - G1801891

Florida CCW Permit - W1469271

Texas CSO/PPO Security License - 00994111

Texas PI License - 00994111

TWIC Card - 1107253



NRA Firearms Instructor (NRA) (ITS)

Executive Protection Specialist w/ Honors (ESI) (ITS) (EPSA)

High-Threat PSD Specialist (ESI) (ITS)

Designated Defensive Marksman (ESI)

Counter-Terrorism Specialist (ITS)

Executive Protection Driver (VDI)

Surveillance/Counter Surveillance & Private Investigations (ESI) (NITA)

TCCC / CPR / AED Certified (NAEMT)

Occupational Safety Officer Certified (OSHA)

Open Water Diver Scuba Certified (PADI)

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