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Jabir Hazziez Jr. CPP, CMAS, EMT-B

Contact information:


State Licenses:

  • MO Private Investigator  #2014035041

  • MO EMT-B  #B-49817

  • MO POST  #38303

  • GA Private Detective  #PDE050668

  • GA Armed Security Officer




  • Industrial Security (ASIS)

  • Antiterrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB)

  • Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM)

  • FEMA IS 271 Hazardous Weather and Community Risk

Jabir Hazziez, Jr is a private security consultant and principal at Principle Intelligence, LLC, a strategic security and investigations firm focused on executive protection, risk mitigation and security management.  


Mr. Hazziez is internationally board certified in security management having earned the coveted Certified Protection Professional (CPP) from ASIS.  He is also a Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialist (CMAS), and holds Level 3 Certification in Homeland Security (CHS-III).  He serves as a security consultant and trainer for businesses, houses of worship, security, and military programs. Over the past decade, Mr. Hazziez has trained more than 5,000 in basic life support, personal safety and security, defensive tactics, and firearms.


With seven years of experience as a Physical Security Specialist and over two decades of military experience, Hazziez has provided calculated leadership and guidance in all areas of Physical Security. 


Serving his local community for more than 20 years as an emergency first responder, Hazziez has field experience as a law enforcement officer (full time and reserve), and firefighter certified as an EMT, hazardous materials technician, and rescue technician.


Licensed private investigator in the States of Missouri and Georgia.


Height: 5’11”
Weight: 220 lbs


University of Missouri – Kansas City; Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice & Criminology
National University; Master Forensic Science (Fall 2018)



  • Physical Security Planning

  • Security Assessment (Threat / Vulnerability / Criticality)

  • Access Control and CCTV Monitoring Systems

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

  • Guard Force Management

  • Security Policy, Procedures, and Operational Manuals

  • Terrorism Awareness

  • Force Protection Standards and implementation

  • Forensic Interviews


  • Close Protection Fundamentals

Additional Certifications:

  • Professional Certified Investigator ~ ASIS (Spring 2018)

  • Dignitary Protection Specialist (DPS) ~ Independent Security Advisors

  • Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) ~ BPI Security

  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO) ~ Intl Foundation of Protection Officers

  • Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPO/I) ~ Intl Foundation of Protection Officers

  • Fire Investigator ~ Missouri Division of Fire Safety

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) ~ NAEMT

  • BLS Healthcare Provider ~ AHA

  • BLS Healthcare Provider Instructor ~ AHA

  • Certified Disaster Preparedness ~ ABCHS

  • Sensitive Security Information, Certified ~ ABCHS

  • Certified Counter Terrorism Specialist ~ C4SEM

  • Hazardous Materials Technician ~ Pro Board

  • Active Shooter Response Course ~ NCIS STAAT

  • Physical Security Course ~ NCIS STAAT

  • Surveillance Detection ~ NCIS STAAT

  • Military Police Investigator ~ USAMPS

  • Protective Services and Antiterrorism Driving ~ USAMPS

  • Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor ~ USNCENSECFOR

  • Antiterrorism Officer Level II ~ USNCENSECFOR

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