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Jeff Monteith

Contact Information:


Jeff Monteith is the Owner/Operator of 3EI Investigations International Solutions, a Los Angeles based investigative and security firm with offices in Washington DC/Maryland, Madrid, Paris, London and Frankfurt DE. Jeff has over 20 years’ experience in the private sector and has worked numerous stalking situations and investigations for celebrities, as well as CEO’s ad other HNW individuals.


Having earned a reputation for professionalism, courtesy, and confidentiality as an Investigative/Protective Agent for the last 20 years and having built a large successful Clientele based on the knowledge and experience of my Private Investigative and Protective Skills. I provide unparalleled experience in the areas of Domestic, Civil and Criminal Investigations, Surveillance and Counter Measures, Armed High-Risk Close Personal Protection, Estate Security and Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures.


Conversational in Japanese beginner in German, Spanish and Russian Languages. Worked assignments in France, Italy, Germany, Brussels, Japan, Philippines and England. Extensive knowledge of international investigations and Hague Act Law pertaining to US Citizens.


I promise confidentiality, integrity and loyalty. The safety and comfort of clients is of primary concern and responsibility. I can, bring honor and dignity to any assignment, and am capable of performing protection duties in a non-obtrusive manner. I provide my protective talents to keep others from harm’s way and have developed a non-confrontational theory of protection. I believe that the objective in providing close personal protection is to make the proper preparations in ensuring that the client is not presented in a dangerous situation. This includes privately and publicly.


Current State Licenses

California Private Investigator License #25520

CA Guard Card #1496874  

Maryland Private Detective License #106-4863 

CCW # 2005-R-1523   

UK SIA Close Protection License, 0830 1103 1064 8410  

France Company License, 099-2015-10-09-2015119257



Nationally Accredited Certified Pistol, Carbine, CQB Instructor

Range Safety Officer

Certified Criminal Defense Investigator

R.L Oatman-Executive Security Specialist

Executive Security International-Executive Protection Specialist

Wicklander Zulawski-Interview and Interrogation Techniques

Bodyguard Training International-Executive Protection Specialist, Master Academy

IFS2I “Domarin, France”-Close Protection Specialist designation

Vance International-Asset Protection Team. Tactical Security Officer

Enterprising Securities-High Risk Warrant Service, CQB Instructor Certification

Scuba Diving International-Rescue Diver

Options For Personal Security-Dynamics Tactics, Tactical Pistol, advanced Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine Certifications

Industry Qualifications- (Telford UK) IQ Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection

Cellular Devices Investigations and Cellular Forensics Certifications

Research Electronics International-Level 2, TSCM Certification, Technical Security Specialist

Healthcare Professional Certification-BLS, Adult, child and infant CPR, Emergency basic First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Cognitive AED Skills

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