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John P. Morrissette

John has a combined 20 years of military service(High Threat Protection), Executive Protection/Security contracting and Professional driving. While serving in he Middle East, he protected members of parliament and their families, as well as local government leaders. Currently he protects business executives and their families, people of UHNW, celebrities and professional athletes.


California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Guard Registration #G6334524
California Exposed Weapons Permit #FQ2641214

California Certificate Tear Gas & Pepper Spray#U1145049
State of Nevada Guard Card #R-101175

Nevada Concealed Weapons Permit #6095746
Florida D Security Officer #D1727425
New Hampshire Concealed Weapons Permit #R685438

HR218 Federal Concealed Weapons Permit #USA0002384

Executive Protection Agent, Lasorsa & Associates                         
Protective Medical, Lasorsa & Associates
Defensive & Evasive Driving, Lasorsa & Associates
CPR/AED/First Aid, expires: 05/25/2019
High Threat Personal Protection, US Army

Residential Security w/ Firearms training, Eagle Eye International Protective Services


Contact information:

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