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Joshua Rakhman

Joshua brings 10+ years experience within the security industry in a broad range of positions from armed guard to account manager. Joshua has been operating in the private sector for various companies as an independent contractor for his previous work history. He has managed clients directly as well as large scale event security and logistics. His attention to detail is paramount and Josh maintains an extremely high customer service rating. Joshua has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a minor concentration within the field of Psychology from the State University of New York at Old Westbury located in Long Island NY. Joshua has continued education and independent training from accredited institutes such as but not limited to FBI, New York ASIS, Department of Homeland Security, Executive Protection Institute, Vehicle Dynamics Institute, Golden Seal Enterprises, Private Officer International, as well as numerous other training providers. Joshua has extensive training in vehicular methodology as well as counter-surveillance tactics and techniques. Joshua is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Homeland Security Management from LIU. He has a wealth of experience in project management, technology, and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician, providing rescue and first responder services for the open 911 system for the last 7 years. Joshua has taken extensive medical training and has some limited experience as a security combat medic. Joshua was the lead instructor who conducted the training of 6,000 students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade in the largest private volunteer led organized CPR training endeavor in the history of the United States. Additional training within: Executive Protection, Surveillance Detection, Covert Protective Operations, Asset Protection, Technical/ Social Media Exploitation, Logistics Planning, Communications, Due Diligence, Behavior & Threat Assessment, Site Surveys, Multiple Evasive Driving Courses with the Vehicle Dynamics Institute located in NJ. Joshua has also been asked to come back as an role player at the Vehicle Dynamics Institute at times to assist with courses. Joshua has assisted with training of local and state law enforcement as well as military and private sector students. In addition, Joshua is qualified to handle various assignments with ease and always ensures a high level of customer service and client satisfaction. Joshua is a protective equipment consultant assisting his twin brother with operations at the family firm Joshua operates multiple businesses including a world wide consultant service called JR-Consulting.

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