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Justin Terch

Justin L. Terch is the President of Applied Professional Services, a licensed private investigative and protective agent firm located in Minnesota since 1995.  Justin is a graduate of the Minnesota State POST Board approved Law Enforcement Training Academy in Cloquet Minnesota.  Justin has completed numerous high-profile investigations and security assignments garnering significant media attention during his career.


Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from The College of St. Scholastica.  He was Senior Lecturer in the Legal Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin from 2011 – 2021 and the Wisconsin Technical College System from 2007-2015.  He has taught courses related to law, criminal justice, and private investigation to hundreds of students.


Justin is known for his polish and professionalism.  His prior work in internal investigations has provided him a rich background and knowledge in the internal workings of corporate life and he displays exceptional skills in communicating with corporate stakeholders and executives.  He is often highly sought out for working sensitive details and assignments, both in the security and investigative arenas.  


Justin is a firm believer in planning and preparation and is quickly able to adjust and pivot without stress during times where plans change minute-by-minute.  Using investigative skills in OSINT, Justin is methodical in his protective planning and threat assessment processes.


He is available for executive protection assignments anywhere in Minnesota or Wisconsin and other states on a case-by-case basis.


Trainings & Certifications


  • Protective Detail Specialist, Select International Training

  • Crisis Management, Executive Security International (ESI)

  • Executive Protection, Guardian Tactical Solutions

  • Residential Security, Executive Security International (ESI)

  • Bomb Security for Executive Protection, S2 Institute

  • MAG-40, Massad Ayoob Group (Firearms/Use of Force)

  • Certified Instructor, Rangemaster

  • Certified Firearms and Use of Force Instructor, MN Department of Public Safety

  • CPR/First Aid

  • Protective and Evasive Driving, Vehicle Dynamics Institute (attending in March 2023)




  • Minnesota, Private Detective

  • Minnesota, Protective Agent

  • Wisconsin, Private Detective (includes security and EP services)




Contact information:

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