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Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins is an accomplished security professional with over 10 years of experience conducting security operations and planning in Protection Detail, crowd control environments ,  and religious corporate security. He has  certifications as a  Protection Detail Specialist from Select-International and in  Celebrity Protection / Behavioral Intelligence from ICON Global EP and Executive Security International.


Mr. Jenkins is CPR certified and an expert in close Quarter combat.


Height- 5’ 8”

Weight- 165lbs.


New York Security Guard License: #10014445024


CPR (American Red Cross) 2017


Additional Training:

Protective Detail Specialist (EP)- Select-International. Tampa, Fl. 2018

VIP/Celebrity Protection - ICON Global. Colorado Springs, CO. 2017

Behavioral Intelligence Course( Predicting and Preventing Violence)- Executive Security International. Colorado Springs, CO. 2017

Krav Maga Training ( Intermediate Practitioner 2)- Blitz Krav Maga. Hicksville, NY

Active Shooter Training- Blitz Krav Maga. Hicksville, NY

Contact information:

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