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Klaus Doering

Klaus Doering is a former Police Officer who served Honorably in the German (Hesse) Police for 15 years including international assignments as a Personal Protection Specialist protecting Politicians and Representatives from foreign Countries visiting Germany. Klaus has almost 30 years in the Security Industry comprised of time on the Police force and Private Security Companies in Germany and the US.


Klaus’s areas of expertise are Executive Protection, High Threat Protection, Advance Work, and Investigation.

Klaus was assigned to several protections details in Germany protecting high ranked politicians and high ranked visitors from foreign counties as well in advance teams assisting Secret Service details protecting former Secretary of the State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger and Former President of The United States George W. Bush visiting Germany.


Licensed to work throughout Florida and available for OCONUS Assignments



Height- 6'4"

Weight- 265 lbs.


Associates in Criminal Justice, Germany

Current Licenses:

Florida Private Investigator License

Florida Security Officer License

Florida State-Wide Firearms License

Florida Concealed Weapons License

California Guard Card

Nevada Guard Card

Arizona Concealed Weapons License

Nevada Concealed Weapons License

Active German Passport


Protective Detail Specialist- Select-International (Author)

Close Protection Operative- Global AG

Retired Police Officer/Government Protection Agent


Additional Training:

NRA Firearms Instructor

Police Academy

Personal Protective Specialist Course- Hesse Police

Tactical Driver Course- Hesse Police


Contact information:

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