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Lauren Cross

Lauren Cross is prior law enforcement in Louisiana with experience in undercover work, surveillance, narcotics, and patrol. She was also a death investigator for the Coroner’s Office in Desoto Parish.  After moving to Florida, Lauren joined a private security company in which she worked patrol as a Sergeant and then picked up Executive Protection with that company and others. Lauren has been in this industry since 2011. In addition, Lauren is an accomplished Equestrian.



Height- 5'6"

Weight- 130 lbs.


Current State Licenses:

Florida Private Investigator License #C1700280

Florida Statewide Firearms License #G1803918



Select-International – Protective Detail Specialist

S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute – Covert Surveillance for PI

S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute – Executive Protection Training

FDLE LEO Proficiency Course – Class 214 ( FL LEO certified )

Louisiana POST certification ( LA LEO certified )


Additional Training:

Louisiana state Board of Ethics certification

Louisiana state Chemical Weapons Certification

Louisiana and Florida state Edged Weapons training

Louisiana and Florida state Driving Tactics training

Louisiana and Florida state Defensive Tactics training

Louisiana and Florida state Firearms training

Louisiana state First Aid, CPR, and AED training

Louisiana and Florida state Felony Traffic and Hostage Simunition training

Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Taser certification

Midwest Radar Doppler Traffic Radar Certification

KKP Security Group Leadership Fundamentals certification

International Association of Coroners & ME’s certification

IACP Grade Crossing Collision Investigation certification

Caddo Parish HAZMAT training

Desoto Parish Sheriff’s Office Response to Active Shooter certification

Space Coast Skydiving 15,000 feet jump certificate


Contact information:


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