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Paul White

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Paul A White has had a very diverse career. He started out in 1994 as a L.E. Academy Trainer / SWAT Paramedic in Northern, New Jersey,  where he thrived on the satisfaction of helping people in need. He saw people at their best and also some in the worst situations of their lives and was able to render aid and make a difference in the lives of many. His career took a shift when he moved to Pennsylvania; he had an opportunity to work as a Bail Enforcement Agent and enjoyed that work immensely. He quickly worked his way up and was recognized as one of the Top 5 Bail Enforcement Agents on the East Coast in early 1999.  

While working as a Bail Enforcement Agent, he made several contacts with other people in the same profession. His career focus evolved yet again thanks to one of these business colleagues. Paul was given the opportunity to work as a Close Protection Specialist for a high profile music group at the time. Paul had worked doing various Personal Protection details up to this point, but never one on a permanent full time basis. He jumped at this opportunity and was subsequently on the road with the music group for a year, traveling throughout the world as they created their new album and went on a worldwide concert tour.

After the tour was over, Paul continued working on several Close Protection details. His work took him on overseas operations to South Africa, South America, Hong Kong, Russia and Middle East regions. His clients ranged from businessmen, royal families, political dignitaries, and high profile personalities. In a business that is almost always ‘word of mouth,’ Paul built himself a solid reputation as one of the solidly professional individuals in the field. Not only because he is very proficient at his trade, but most importantly, he is a professional at all times, no matter what situation he finds himself in. Paul is also verbally proficient in 4 languages which are only discussed with contracted clientele to maintain strategic advantage.

Throughout his entire career, Paul also works as a Close Protection Tactics Instructor, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, training local resources including police and contract security in: close protection tactics, protective driving, defensive firearms tactics, edged weapon defense, and protective choreography, bail bond fugitive investigations and apprehension, database research and due diligence. Paul feels that continuing education and training is paramount to anyone who aspires to protect someone or puts a firearm in their hand, which is why he always finds time to educate and train people who are interested in learning and improving their own lives and careers.


Paul has owned his own Security Consulting & Investigation agency since 1996 specializing in High Risk Close Protection & Private Investigation. Paul has worked as a Private Investigator for the last 20 years of his career when his time ‘off the road’ permits.

Paul has departed as the Head of Security for a high profile musician client in 2010. Since relocating to Cincinnati, OH Paul has been contractually employed for a Fortune 500 company providing close protection and training for their top level executives both domestically and internationally. Paul has also untaken various temporary celebrity protective details as a part of various investigative and protective firms. Paul finished a 1 year independent contract with a Best Selling Author as a P.A./PPS in the Cincinnati, OH region in 2017, and was employed on a HP detail in Los Angeles, CA mid. January 2017. Paul is currently living and working in Sarasota Florida

Licenses: Florida Statewide Firearms License, Florida Concealed Weapon License Holder, Florida Private Investigator License, Florida Security Officer License, Florida Statewide Firearms Instructor “K,” PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, Florida EMT-B, AMRC CPR,AED, First Aid for The Professional Rescuer Instructor, California Unarmed Security License, Nevada Unarmed Security Registration


Certifications: FDLE Instructor TWC, Former T.E.M.S Paramedic, S.M.G. Operator (M4, AK-47), NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA L.E. Firearms Instructor, Close Quarter Defensive Tactics, Recognized Executive Protection Instructor, Former TASER M26/X-26/C-2 Instructor, SIG ARMS Academy (PPS) Firearms Tactics, Certified Bail Enforcement Agent, Formerly Certified Surety Investigator, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Civilian Firearms Instructor, NRA L.E.O Firearms Instructor, Certified NREMT-B, Former Certified T.E.M.S. Combat Medic, Glock Armorer, Certified E.V.O.C.,  Formerly Certified Pennsylvania ACT 235 Security Agent, Former PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, Certified Yavapai Firearms Academy Mirage System Instructor



Age: 48yrs

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 235lbs

Nationality: Multi-racial

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown, Shaven

Shirt Size: XL to 2XL

Pants Size: 42w x 32L


Further licensing information can be provided upon confidential employment screening request.

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