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Rick Jenkins

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Rick Jenkins is a Veteran who served Honorably in the US Army for 8 years teaching Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare. Rick has a diverse background of not only doing physical security, but also carrying that over into the cyber security world, performing work for places such as Nissan North America and the Department of Health.   After working in the cyber security field with members of the NSA and performing HIPAA security compliance audits, Rick has gone on to run a healthcare technology company in 3 states and added security as a main focus, implementing shooter detection systems and training facility staff members on all aspects of security.  Rick continues to work as a member of Infragard, which is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector for the protection of US Critical Infrastructure, with his specialties being in Chemical Infrastructure, Information Technology and Healthcare Safety & Security.


Licensed to work throughout Florida and available for OCONUS Assignments



Height- 6'1"

Weight- 210 lbs.



Associate Degree in Network Engineering – State College of Florida


Current Licenses:

Florida Security Officer License - D3230060

Florida State-Wide Firearms License - G3207518

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit – W1238778

Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)

Texas Level III Firearms Instructor #154456002

Texas Commissioned Security Officer #154465003

NRA Pistol Instructor - 179089747

Florida Notary – HH266336

Active US Passport



Protective Detail Specialist – Select International

Residential Security Operations Course – Select International

Surveillance Detection Course - Select International

Situational Awareness Specialist-Advanced Practitioner – Arcuri Group, LLC

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist- Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board

Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional – Enterprise Administrator - Microsoft

Certified Protection Officer- International Foundation for Protection Officers

Certified Healthcare Security Supervisor - International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety

Company, Vessel, and Facility Security Officer - MARSEC

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPD) - National Institute of Crime Prevention

Additional Training:

Critical Infrastructure Liaison Officer Course – FBI/Global Risk Intelligence & Planning

Close Quarter Pistol Operator – Sig Sauer

Crime Scene Expert – DoD Cyber Crime Center

Digital Forensics Lab Expert – DoD Cyber Crime Center

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Course – Georgetown University

Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders – FEMA/Texas A&M University

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course – NFPA

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic Course – Edison College

Primary Leadership Development Course- US Army

Physical Security/Crime Prevention NCO Course – US Army

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