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Rick Richter

State Licenses:

  • FL CCW W2535637

  • FL Class A CDL R236759621720 Doubles, Triples, Hazardous Materials

  • FL Security Officer License #D1629770

  • FL Security Officer Instructor License #DI1700173 Security Officer Instructor

  • FL Statewide Firearms License #G1606491

  • Fl Private Investigator Intern License #CC1800220

  • FL Firearms Instructor License #K1600116

  • ND Security Officer License 9963

  • IA Security Officer License 111697

  • NC Armed Security Officer License (Expired)

  • NRA Instructor Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun 227735255


Independent Coursework:

  • ASIS Certified Protection Professional Review 2017

  • S2 Institute Basic Security Officer Course 2017

  • S2 Institute Armed Security Officer Course 2017

  • Select International Executive Protection Course 2016

  • FEMA Workplace Violence            IS-00106.16 2016

  • FEMA Active Shooter            IS-00907 2016

  • ASIS Certified Protection Professional Review 2016

  • Matsukazi-Ryu Jujutsu Black Belt

Richard Richter is a Retired U.S. Marine Combat Veteran with 25 years of honorable service. Upon retirement, Mr. Richter continued to utilize his specialized skills in High Threat Private Security, specializing in Executive/Dignitary and High Threat Protection, Weapons and Tactics Training and all training pertaining to the U.S. Department of State (DOS), Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), Worldwide Protection Service (WPS). Mr. Richter currently resides in Central Florida specializing in weapons and training certifications for the private security practitioner in the State of Florida. Training also includes rifle/pistol/shotgun for the National Rifle Association.

U.S. Department of State/Worldwide Personnel Protection Service Certifications:

  • WPS Emergency Response Team (ERT)                                  

  • WPS Supervisor Course

  • WPS High Threat Protective Operations Course Transition

  • WPPS Department of State Firearm Instructor Recertification

  • WPS Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV) (Bearcat) Course

  • WPPS High Threat Protective Operations Course

  • WPPS T-3 Train the Trainer/Instructor                                       

  • WPPS Instructor Trainer Adult Learning Theory

  • WPPS High Threat Protective Operations Course

  • U.S. Army 46 hour Combat Life Saver (CLS) Course

  • WPPS Department of State Firearm Instructor Certification

  • WPPS High Threat Protective Operations Course


Education & Affiliations:

  • American Military University (AMU), Masters, Security Management GPA 3.9 (Expect Graduation 12/2018)

  • AMU Bachelor of Arts, Security Management GPA 3.7617

  • AMU, Dean’s list 2016 1st-4th quarters

  • National University, Oceanside, California (2004-2005) (Transferred to AMU) Bachelor of Arts, Domestic Security Management

  • The Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society - Omicron, Sigma, Sigma

  • The National Criminal Justice Honor Society - Alpha Phi Sigma

  • American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

  • National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor

  • American Motorcycle Association (AMA)

  • Force Recon Association (FRA)

  • ANGLICO Association


U.S. Marine Corps Certifications:

  • Master Taser Course, Taser International conducted in Scottsdale AZ

  • Taser Instructor, Taser International conducted at 1st SOTG Camp Pendleton, Ca.

  • USMC Military Operations on Urban Terrain Inst

  • USMC High Risk Personnel (HRP) (M42)

  • US ARMY Protective Services (MQH 7H- F18/830-F13)

  • High Threat Protective Operations Course 1st SOTG (PSD)

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Executive Protection Course (PSD)

  • CA DOJ Dignitary Security and Protection Course (PSD)

  • USMC Anti-Terrorism Officer ((J-830-001S))

  • USMC Anti-Terrorism Training Officer ((J-8300010))

  • USN Shipboard Security Engagement Weapons (K-830-2223) (SSEW)

  • USN Force Protection Fundamental Tactics (A-830-2214) (FPAT)

  • CA DOJ Anti-Terrorism Concepts for Patrol (5811)

  • USMC MP Emergency Vehicle Operator (5811)

  • USMC MP Pre-Service Academy (5811)

  • USMC 2D Degree Black Belt Instructor Trainer (8552)

  • USMC Special Operations Specialist

  • USMC Winter Mountain Leaders Course (M7B)

  • USMC Close Combat Inst Trainer (MCE-8552)

  • USMC Combatant Diver (MCE-8654)

  • USMC Rappel Master

  • US Navy Dive School (03E)

  • USMC Amphibious Reconnaissance School (ARS) (MCE-0321)

  • USMC Naval Gunfire Spotter Course (MCE-0861)

  • US Army Airborne Course

  • USMC Small Arms Weapons Instructor (MCE-8532)


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