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Roger McGrew

Roger McGrew is founder of Saint Michael Tactical and McGrew Global Investigations & Critical Incident Intervention based out Southern California. Between his military, law enforcement and private sector service Roger has over 30 years of protection and investigative experience. He proudly served 11 years in the U.S. Army and National Guard specializing in surveillance and small unit tactics, obtaining the rank of Sgt E-5.

In his law enforcement career Roger worked various assignments in corrections, patrol and specialized, eventually earning a position in the coveted ‘Gang Detail’. Where he was also assigned to numerous ‘protective security details’ responsible for the safety and well being of visiting VIP’s, dignitaries and high profile Olympic athlete’s living/training in the local jurisdiction.

 Roger spent several years as an investigator for attorneys representing law enforcement personnel both sworn and non-sworn for a highly respected firm, eventually earning the title of ‘senior investigator’. He is also a member of an elite team specializing in counter human trafficking, international child abductions and corporate security worldwide with emphasis in Mexico, Central and South America.


Licensed to work throughout California

Current State Licenses:

California Private Investigator License- PI26052

California Security Officer License- PPO17025



Protective Detail Specialist (PDS)- Select-International #PDS16A004


Contact information:

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