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Soren Stufkosky

Soren Stufkosky is a former infantryman who served honorably in the United States Marine Corp for six years. Soren is currently working as Director of Operation for Saint Michael Tactical. For the past three years Soren has used his military training and experience to focus on executive protection and high risk security. Soren believes in a common goal, to provide professional, ethical, top quality and serious personal protection.  While at SMT, Soren has worked details for T.V. personalities, legendary musicians, Olympic athletes, dignitary’s, work place violence prevention and the like.         



Height - 5’8”

Weight - 194 lbs.


Current State License:

California Security Officers Licenses- 1921728

California Concealed Carry- 31573671



Protective Detail Specialist- Select International- PDS16B006


Additional Training:

Weapons of Mass Destruction- 3150-113-1245, Valley Guard Training

Advance Arrest, Search and Seizure- 3150-119-8463, Valley Guard Training

California Power to Arrest- 3150-121-2476, Valley Guard Training

Drivers Safety- 3150-103-6808, Valley Guard Training

Officer Safety- 3150-118-1422, Valley Guard Training

Tactical Combat Casualty Care, TCCC, NAEMT, TC-16-4136-13

Adult CPR/AED, Child CPR and First Aid- GR54Z3

Youth Protection Training

First Responder Training

0311 Infantrymen – USMC

1812 Tank Commander - USMCR


Contact information:


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