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Terry Holmes

Contact information:

Terry Holmes, is a US Army combat veteran, who served honorably for 23 years. Terry served and conducted combat tours of duty with various Elite US Army commands such as, the 82nd Airborne, US Army Rangers and most notably an 18-month (2006-2008) tour of duty with the secretive Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), where he was recognized by the Commander of Delta Force for outstanding leadership while serving as the Senior Enlisted US Advisor for the embedded Iraqi Special Forces Company that was assigned to the JSOC task force.


Terry began his career in the Private Security industry in 2011, upon his retirement from the US Army. Despite being in the Private Security industry for 6 years, Terry has proven he is among the best in the business, by attending various security courses, obtaining and maintaining numerous licenses and certifications, that surely shows his dedication and commitment. Terry has work with local, state and Federal Agencies providing, Training and Security. Most notable assignment was serving as a Federal Security Officer for the National Protection and Program Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security, while serving there, Terry was given 3 commendations of excellence awarded by the Federal Protective Services (FPS).

Licensed to work throughout Maryland, Florida and OCONUS



Height- 5' 9"

Weight- 215 lbs.


Current State Licenses

Florida Security Agency Manager MB170001

Florida Security Officer D1131738

Florida State-Wide Firearms G1107382

Florida Private Investigator Intern License CC1600374

Florida Security Officer Instructor DI1800051

Florida Concealed Firearms WX1132156

Maryland Security Officer #102-203537


Florida Notary #FF963682



American Heart Association CPR/AED

First Aid American Heart Association BLS Instructor

Manadock Baton Instructor

Pepper Spray Instructor

Defensive Tactics Instructor

Handcuff/ Restraint Instructor

Use of Force Instructor Firearms Instructor

(US Army/ NRA) M4 Carbine Instructor

Executive Protection Defensive Driving

Tactical Medical Training.

FEMA Active Shooter

Protective Detail Specialist Course- Select-International

Executive Protection/ Bodyguard course -IEP

NRA LE Handgun course

NRA Range Safety Course

DDM (Designated Defensive Marksmanship Instructor)

US Total Army Instructor

Level 4 Modern Army Combative Instructor

Long Range Reconnaissance Surveillance Course

US Army Jungle Expert Course

US Army Mountain Warfare Course

US Army Master Gunner Course

US Army Armorer Course

US Army Chemical Biological Course


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