Tyler Redden

Tyler Redden is an Honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy where he served in the submarine force as an Electronics Technician. His regularly performed duties included: secure communications, cryptology, security, firefighting, damage control, electronic warfare/countermeasures/surveillance, and radar operator. He possesses an extensive knowledge of electronic and mechanical technologies, and has 4 years of experience in Logistics. Tyler is currently interning as a Private Investigator and an active Executive Protection Specialist in the Tampa Bay Area.

   Licensed to work throughout Florida and is available for OCONUS assignments.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175 lbs.

Current State Licenses:
Florida Private Investigator Intern License: CC1600294
Florida Security Officer License: D1622451
Florida Statewide Firearms License: G1604874
Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License: W1651414

Protective Detail Specialist Course - Select-International
Executive Protection Agent Course - LaSorsa & Associates
Protective Medical Training Course - LaSorsa & Associates
Defensive & Evasive Driving Course - LaSorsa & Associates
Adult & Pediatric FA/CPR/AED; Anaphylaxis & Epi Auto-Injector - American Red Cross
Security Reaction Force Basic - United States Navy
Tactical Computer and Network Operator Course - United States Navy
Secure Communications and Electronics Course - United States Navy
Security Officer Course - S2 Institute
Armed Security Officer Course - S2 Institute
Private Investigator Intern Course - S2 Institute
Suspicious Activity Reporting Private Sector Security Training - DHS (NSI)


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