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Wayne Rutledge

Wayne Rutledge has been an executive protection specialist with specialization in High Threat Low Profile protection internationally as well as executive protection for fortune 100 companies for over 20 years. Wayne is a certified Personal Protection Specialist providing: Risk assessments, advance surveys, high and low threat protective service details Detail Leadership as well as instruction in Protective Service Details, Site Security, Advanced Security Driving and U.S. and Eastern Bloc weapons systems and tactical shooting.


Wayne has provided a wide range of security services, he has been able to bring the attention to detail and techniques from the intelligence communities high threat protection arena to rewrite doctrine and techniques to stateside executive protection details coast to coast, creating a more complete and wide ranging doctrine for the details he has worked with.


In 1997 Wayne was honorably discharged from the U.S. Military having served as a Rifleman, Team and Squad Leader in A U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Company. He immediately pursued a career in executive protection and provided services to C.E.O.’s of fortune 100 companies and celebrities as well as the U.S. Dept. of Defense. In 2003 Wayne was selected for the U.S. Intelligence communities High Threat Low Profile mobile protection Details and has completed thousands of classified protection mission across the conflict areas of the Middle East. Wayne has also provided disaster relief protective details for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during Hurricane Katrina, has trained protection details for the President, V.P. and Prime Minister of Iraq, celebrities during filming of major motion pictures, as well Executives internationally. Wayne has created recruiting centers for the U.S. Governments Diplomatic Security programs in Africa as well as created and acted as management for third country national training at King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center, Amman, Jordan. Wayne has continued to work for the U.S. Government as well as private interests worldwide. Wayne has provided these services in The U.S., South America, Africa and the Middle East.


Licensed to work throughout Texas, Florida, and available for OCONUS Assignments



Height- 6'0"

Weight- 220 lbs.

Current State Licenses:

Florida State-Wide Firearms License- G1806178

Florida Security Officer License- D1826428

Texas PPO# 00002278

Texas Security Manager License #B06271001


Personal Protection Specialist, Executive Protection Institute


Additional Training

State of Connecticut Bail Enforcement Course

Protectors Pistol Defense Program, Sig Arms/EPI

Viper Program High Threat PSD Operator Course, MVM

Close Quarters Defense, CQD, Inc.

Security/Anti-Terrorism Driving Instructor Course, BSR

NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Course

High Threat Dignitary Protection, Solutions Group International

Contact information:

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