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Jim Garrett
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Contact information:

Jim served in a number of protection roles in the military, supporting the law enforcement community, and the private sector. In the National Guard he managed security programs at the battalion, brigade, and state level. He also served on the National Guard Bureau’s Protection Assessment Team, ensuring that state security programs met federal and Army guidelines. While assigned to National Guard Bureau he volunteered to join the Arlington Hall Security Auxiliary Force, protecting the National Guard Command Center and senior military leaders. He finished his military career embedded in a War on Drugs assignment, supporting counter-narcotics investigations. While on that assignment he supported an operation that dismantled a human-trafficking ring, shutting down multiple businesses and rescuing victims.


Aside from his professional experience Jim assisted federal agencies working matters with extremists Today, he provides intelligence and security services to law enforcement agencies and works as a private security professional protecting businesses and private individuals. He maintains active membership in a number of security societies to promote industry growth. He is the author of the OPSEC Lessons in History series and his academic papers have a large following including being included in
university course reading lists.


Licensed to work throughout Missouri, Texas and Montana



Height- 5' 11"

Weight- 210 lbs.

Current State Licenses:

Montana Unarmed Security License
Texas Level II Security License
Missouri CCW
Missouri Class E Chauffeur's License
Transportation Workers Identification Card

Utah Unarmed License

Arizona Unarmed License

Missouri PI License

Kansas PI License


Certified Security Officer – Private Security Professionals of America
Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations – McAfee Institute
Certified Professional Criminal Investigator – McAfee Institute
First Aid, CPR, and AED – American Healthcare Academy


Additional Training

Diplomatic Protection and Executive Protection Specialist - Independent Security Advisors LLC
Bachelors of Intelligence Studies – American Military University
Associates of Intelligence Operations studies – Cochise College
Bioterrorism Prevention Certificate – South Central Public Health Partnership
First Responder Preparedness Certificate – South Central Public Health Partnership
Infrastructure Protection Certificate – Texas A&M’s Engineering Extension Service
Terrorism Prevention for Law Enforcement Professionals Certificate – The Institute for Preventive Strategies
Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course – US Army
Intelligence Oversight Officer – US Army
Operations Security Officer – US Army
Intelligence Analyst – US Army
Protection Specialist 1 – Armour-Technical Institute
Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics – Bad Guy Down Training
Low-Light Shooting Tactics – Bad Guy Down Training
Practical Handgun Defense 1 – Bad Guy Down Training
Security Guard Academy (140 hours) – US Army
Combat Lifesaver – US Army
Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Cox Hospital
Antiterrorism Level II – Defense Security Service
Surveillance Operations Overview – Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Taskforce Training


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